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Regulatory Affairs

HJF’s Office of Regulatory Affairs and Research Compliance is responsible for ensuring all research projects and clinical trials administered by HJF comply with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations relating to research involving human or animal subjects, recombinant DNA or select agents. The office also ensures compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and is the HIPAA Privacy Office for the Foundation. The office works closely with principal investigators and the research administration offices at HJF to ensure that all necessary assurances for each research program are in place throughout the conduct of the study. The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Research Compliance conducts assistance visits and monitoring visits on the research conducted through HJF.  HJF's Office of Regulatory Affairs and Research Compliance also handles all reports of Research/Scientific Misconduct for the Foundation.


  • Required Documents Checklist for Animals - PDF
    (updated 3/4/2014)
  • Required Documents Checklist for Human Subjects - PDF
    (updated 3/4/2014)
  • HIPAA Policy - PDF
  • Scientific Misconduct - PDF
  • CITI Instructions - PDF
  • CITI Training Assignments - PDF | DOCX
  • HJF Secure Transfer System Guide - PDF
  • 520 Travel Authorization - PDF | DOCX
  • 521 Travel Expense - PDF | DOCX
  • 522 Fund Disbursement Reimbursement - PDF | DOCX
  • CL1 ClinCard Participant Card Request - PDF | DOC
  • CL2 ClinCard Participant Guidelines Acceptance - PDF | DOCX
  • CL3 ClinCard Participant Card Return - PDF | DOCX
  • ClinCard Policy - PDF
  • ClinCard Oracle Requisition Instructions - PDF
  • Petty Cash Policy - PDF