Biosciences Technology Support Program

Biosciences Technology Support Program

A Featured HJF Research Program

Located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, the Biosciences and Performance Division of the Air Force Research Laboratory plays a vital role in protecting service members from the traditional stressors of battle and from 21st century biological and chemical warfare threats. The division develops innovative science and technology to advance biotechnology, biobehavioral performance, biomechanics and counterproliferation. The division also conducts research involving physical and cognitive performance.

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc. provides research capabilities and support functions focused on improving warfighter performance and combat effectiveness, as well as provides a general public benefit through appropriate civilian applications.


The Biosciences and Performance Division is charged with creating physical and cognitive sanctuaries to ensure combat survivability, extend human performance, and protect the Air Force. The division aims to identify new methods and areas of opportunistic science applications for protection, maintenance and enhancement of the force to ensure mission successes in multiple operational and extreme environments.

The laboratory’s mission is leading the discovery, development and integration of affordable warfighting technologies for U.S. aerospace forces. The full-spectrum laboratory is responsible for planning and executing the Air Force science and technology program. It leads a worldwide government, industry and academia partnership in the discovery, development and delivery of a wide range of revolutionary technology. The laboratory provides leading-edge warfighting capabilities keeping air, space and cyberspace forces the world's best.


The laboratory accomplishes its mission through nine technology directorates located throughout the U.S., the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and a central staff. Its headquarters is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, along with its Major Shared Resource Center, one of four high-performance computing centers in the Department of Defense.

The Biosciences and Performance Division is organized into four branches: Biomechanics, Applied Biotechnology, Counterproliferation and Biobehavioral Performance.

The Biomechanics Branch develops technologies to anticipate, detect and resolve threats to safety and performance. The Applied Biotechnology Branch creates and delivers advanced biotechnology and nanotechnology solutions for protection and enhanced effectiveness of battlefield airmen and the integrated joint services mission.

The Counterproliferation Branch develops biotechnology for the detection, identification, monitoring and neutralization of biological threat agents. The Biobehavioral Performance Branch develops and transitions technology to enhance human performance and survivability.

Research Efforts

Innovative research is being conducted by the Applied Biotechnology Branch with the support of HJF and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.  One effort is devoted to creating human-modeling paradigms using published experimental data for development and validation of computational methods involving chemical warfare agents. These data are used to create accurate, quantitative structure-activity relationships and provide new methods to predict human exposure toxicity and physiochemical dynamics. This effort will give the military greater capability to enhance, extend and optimize performance with prolonged and repeated exposures to unpredictable and hostile environments.

Another effort is developing a model for the toxigenic phase of anthrax infection involving the interaction of the anthrax-produced toxins with host macrophages, integrating the model into a larger anthrax proliferation model.