The Human Performance Resource Center

The Human Performance Resource Center

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From the earliest days of U.S. military conflict, having a fit, medically ready force has been critical to successful outcomes. We now know that functioning in peak condition does not just mean being physically fit. It means achieving balance in all areas of wellbeing and having a body, mind and social network that are strong and healthy.

The Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC) is an online information resource that focuses on service member health from all aspects to achieve the best performance on the battlefield and at home. An initiative of DoD, the center aligns under the Force Health and Readiness program and is the educational arm of the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) at USU.

The center provides information on a combination of approaches and techniques to help service members optimize their performance and carry out their duties safely and effectively. Experts provide guidance on injury prevention, heat safety, managing the stages of deployment, stress management and more.

At the helm of HPRC are Patricia Deuster, Ph.D., a professor in USU’s Department of Military and Emergency Medicine and CHAMP director; Army Colonel Francis O’Connor, M.D., professor and chair of the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine at USU and CHAMP associate director; and Army Colonel Jeff Leggit, M.D., an assistant professor in USU’s Department of Family Medicine who serves as CHAMP’s medical director.

“HPRC has cutting-edge information, resources, strategies, tools, apps and videos in six domains of Total Force Fitness—physical fitness, environments, nutrition, dietary supplements, family and relationships, and mind tactics,” Deuster said. “The center translates evidence-based information about various aspects of performance, creates materials on specific topics and highlights existing resources.”