We have the experience, knowledge and technical know-how to create and produce what you need for print or web—all to the highest standards.

Effective communications shape how the world sees your military medical research program. Because of our genuine interest in and concern for our client’s requirements, HJF begins by listening and researching. We bring you solutions that match your strategic needs and meet the highest professional communication and design practices. We make sure you are kept informed and involved throughout the process.

Writing and Editing

Informative, engaging and expertly crafted text conveys the right message and evokes the desired response from your audience. We write and edit reports, brochures, newsletters and websites, organizing content for greater impact and clarity.

Graphic Design

Our expert designers will illustrate your message for print or the web, helping you produce high-quality materials. We create products that inform, inspire and persuade.

Website Development

Our experienced professionals ensure your website attracts visitors and presents opportunities for action through unmatched design, content, functionality and interactivity. We apply the best practices in usability, web standards and accessibility.


A strong brand is an invaluable asset to your organization, project or program because it evokes a perception in the hearts and minds of your target audience, signaling your organization’s vision and mission.