A Conversation with Anthoia

Name: Anthoia Osuji

Title: Research Nurse/Community Engagement Officer

Organization: Clinical Research Center, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command

Time with HJF: Three Years

Anthonia aided in the successful implementation of two vaccine studies (RV429 and RV456) by actively supporting the Clinical Research Center. She served as a community engagement officer, which involved recruiting subjects for the studies, as well as a research nurse. In her community engagement role, she worked tirelessly and beyond the call of duty to ensure that each study included enough participants (especially for the HIV sub cohort, which was a challenge for RV456). She performed these roles highly efficiently, thus facilitating the smooth operation of all study-related activities.

In addition, Anthonia is highly professional in her interaction and engagement with study volunteers. She is an excellent team builder and has the ability to multitask when gaps are identified. Anthonia is an invaluable member of the Clinical Research Center in Abuja, Nigeria.

--submitted by Prudence Mbah, Walter Reed Project, Nigeria


What do you love most about the work you do? Meeting people from different walks of life and interacting with them. Also, guiding clients (people with HIV) in taking bold steps and decisions regarding their health status. When counseling clients on family planning, I find they are happy to make an informed choice regarding child spacing. I love making an impact through the development of vaccines.

What book have you recently enjoyed? “Sociology and Social Work” by Jo Cunningham and Steve Cunningham.

What are you passionate about? The welfare of people and seeing a better and healthier society.

With whom would you most like to swap places for a day? John Bako Chukwudi, who works with the Society for Family Health as a population specialist in Oyo State Nigeria.

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go? The Bahamas with my husband and my two children.