Through collaborations, military medical researchers are seeking better cancer diagnostics, improved care for patients and new preventive vaccines. HJF plays a part in this important work.


Breast Cancer

In 2000, the Clinical Breast Care Project was launched with the mission to lead innovative research that would eventually eradicate the disease. Twelve years later, the program became part of the John P. Murtha Cancer Center, which achieved designation by the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs as a Department of Defense Center of Excellence.

Today, the Breast Cancer Translational Research Center houses the world’s largest biorepository of high-quality human breast specimens. Located at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the program is a public-private partnership among HJF, Windber Research Institute in Pennsylvania and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

The center studies biomarkers in archival breast cancer tissue and collaborates with such organizations as the National Cancer Institute’s Genome Atlas Project.

Gynecologic Cancer

HJF works with several institutions with extensive experience and interest in gynecologic cancer at the joint Gynecologic Cancer Center of Excellence at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Women’s Health Integrated Research Center at Inova Health System in Northern Virginia. The team develops state-of-the-art capability in clinical and basic science as well as translational research to improve screening, early detection and treatment of gynecologic cancer for military health beneficiaries and civilians.

The Department of Defense Gynecologic Cancer Center of Excellence comprises several research programs: early detection, molecular profiling, prevention and development of novel therapeutics. The center employs a diverse interdisciplinary group of investigators pursuing mission-oriented translational research guided by a clinically focused need for improving delivery of gynecologic care.

Prostate Cancer

In 2012, the Center for Prostate Disease Research celebrated two decades of service and research on behalf of military health care beneficiaries. A partnership between HJF and the Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences, the center was created to battle prostate cancer’s increasing occurrence among service members and their beneficiaries by developing refined detection techniques and promising treatments.

The center uses a multidisciplinary strategy to study behavioral, psychosocial and quality-of-life issues. It is recognized as one of the world’s premier prostate patient care and research centers, home to one of the largest, most comprehensive prostate cancer databases in America.

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