Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense

Biological, chemical and radiological defense efforts center on improving early detection, preventing health consequences and protecting the health of our armed forces and the civilian world. HJF’s efforts in this area span the globe.


Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

The Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, part of the Uniformed Services University, aims to preserve the health and performance of service members and humankind through medical and emergency response training to manage incidents related to radiation exposure.

HJF assists the institute’s research and development mission by helping develop methods of rapidly assessing radiation exposure to assure appropriate medical treatment and by pursuing new drugs that will prevent the life-threatening effects of ionizing radiation. The work includes moving those drugs from discovery through the Food and Drug Administration approval process.

Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Application Institute

While military researchers work to discover mitigation techniques and vaccine alternatives for biological threats, innovative computer technologies play an ever-increasing role in scientific discovery and protecting the warfighter, and the civilian population, against biological exposure.

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command has established the Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Application Institute that develops software applications to support the Defense Department’s biotechnology community.

The institute has developed and deployed software systems at various medical research centers to support diagnostic assays and identify drug and vaccine candidates.

The software applications substantially enhance the ability of the biological defense community to respond to new threats.

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