Clinical/Rehabilitative Research

HJF works on clinical and rehabilitative programs that draw on our expertise to conduct innovative research into rehabilitation, pain management and sensory function.


Center for Rehabilitative Sciences Research

The Center for Rehabilitative Sciences Research was established in 2011 to advance rehabilitative care for service members with combat-related injuries, particularly those with orthopedic trauma, limb loss and neurological complications.

The center explores innovative treatment and technology in four areas:

  • barriers to successful reintegration
  • improvements to pain management strategies
  • applications of new technologies
  • transfer of those technologies.

To provide comprehensive treatment strategies for service members, the center engages in personal interactions through ethnographic interviewing and uses the latest advances in technology to further understand physiology, gait and kinematics.

Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management

The Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management was created to improve the management of pain in military and civilian medicine through clinical research efforts.

The center focuses on understanding the continuum of pain care from the battlefield, during evacuation, at home and during rehabilitation and recovery. HJF provides program management, research and clinical expertise across all program sites.

Since 2003, the center has been a model for the effective integration of acute and chronic pain medicine. In 2014, the center worked on the Pain Assessment Screening Tool and Outcomes Registry, which is driven by the National Institutes of Health-Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System.

Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program and Research Center

HJF supports the U.S. Army Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program and Research Center (WRESP-RC) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

The center, which serves as the only externally funded WRESP-RC in the U.S. Army, provides laser refractive surgery to eligible active-duty service members for the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

HJF-supported research facilitated the development of a simple and rapid light-initiated tissue-bonding technology to decrease vision loss and ocular complications after penetrating eye injuries.

National Military Audiology and Speech Pathology Center

The National Military Audiology and Speech Pathology Center’s Scientific and Clinical Studies Section conducts basic, applied and translational research to improve the sensory function of military service members.

The center has four major areas of focus:

  • preparing auditory fitness-for-duty standards
  • evaluating new hearing prosthetics and protection devices
  • advancing the functional measures of speech
  • improving clinical methods for assessing speech, voice and swallow function in injured service members.
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