Human Performance

Military researchers work diligently to ensure a fit and ready force. Their work focuses on physical fitness, nutrition, family relationships and mental health. HJF assists researchers on several human performance efforts.


Consortium for Health and Military Performance

The Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) is the Department of Defense Center of Excellence for integration, translation and education of all topics related to human performance optimization and total force fitness.

The consortium, a center at the Uniformed Services University, performs translational research for military operational applications, advises on practical warfighter clinical concerns, and develops DoD policy.


Human Performance Resource Center

The Human Performance Resource Center is an online information resource that focuses on service member health from all aspects to achieve the best performance on the battlefield and at home. The DoD initiative, which aligns under the Force Health and Readiness program, is CHAMP’s educational arm.

The center provides information on a combination of approaches and techniques to help service members optimize their performance and carry out their duties safely and effectively. Experts provide guidance on injury prevention, heat safety, deployment stages, stress management and more.


National Capital Area Medical Simulation Center

The University’s National Capital Area Medical Simulation Center is one of the largest, most advanced simulation centers in the world. Over the past three decades, simulation technology has steadily become a central part of health science curricula around the world, and USU’s center is among the trailblazers.

The center is the only place in the nation that offers every facet of health care simulation under a single roof. The simulations allow health care personnel to develop and maintain the cognitive and psychomotor skills necessary to perform medical tasks safely and effectively. Medical students at USU participate in nearly 40 different simulation exercises before they graduate.


Naval Medical Research Unit-Dayton

Naval Medical Research Unit-Dayton (NAMRU-D) investigates aeromedical and environmental factors to maximize warfighter performance and survivability. HJF supports the unit with contract research staff members who support all research efforts by developing and implementing key research plans throughout the portfolio, including environmental and aeromedical health.

The Environmental Health Effects Directorate investigates the toxicity of chemicals and materials used in military operations to determine if there is any detrimental impact on our military and civilian populations. The Aeromedical Directorate conducts basic and applied research to enhance health, safety, performance, and readiness with specific focus on disorientation, fatigue and sleep, hypoxia and vision.


711th Human Performance Wing

HJF supports the 711th Human Performance Wing/Human Effectiveness Directorate (711 HPW/RH), Biosciences and Protection Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.

The directorate conducts scientific research to protect warfighters from a broad spectrum of chemical, biological and physical stressors as well as research focused on physical and cognitive performance. The 711th HPW/RH team collaborates with NAMRU-D toxicology group. The synergy between the 711 HPW and NAMRU-D covers a number of integrated human performance challenges and solutions for various fields, including toxicology, physiology and cognition.


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