Precision Medicine

HJF-supported programs and facilities are leading advancements in precision medicine by developing data-driven decision-making tools for military and civilian surgeons, and identifying disease-susceptibility genomic fingerprints.


Surgical Critical Care Initiative

The Surgical Critical Care Initiative, established in 2013, develops data-based decision-making tools to help physicians know the best treatments to employ and when to use them. As a result, physicians can save lives and improve recovery for their military and civilian patients.

Approaches developed by the initiative are expected to reduce costs and improve the quality of care for the critically ill across many disciplines.

Funded by the Defense Health Program, the initiative brings together clinicians and scientists to gather and analyze information ranging from simple observation to bio-banked tissue samples.

Collaborative Health Initiative Research Program

HJF provides scientific, technical, administrative and programmatic leadership to the Collaborative Health Initiative Research Program, an interagency endeavor between the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.

The program supports joint research efforts to:

  • predict and pre-empt disease
  • mitigate and repair traumatic injury
  • optimize performance and resilience
  • generate therapeutic options in heart, lung, blood and sleep disorders.

This work is made possible by leveraging emerging technology in whole genome sequencing and functional genomics.

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