Education Programs

HJF encourages and supports medical education for the U.S. military community.

HJF’s Office of Education and Meetings manages more than 400 education accounts that can be used for a variety of education or training-based needs.

These may include:

  • Purchase of equipment or textbooks to update departmental or facility libraries
  • Purchase of educational materials for patients or staff
  • Honorarium payments for non-federal guest lecturers (both CME and non-CME)
  • Registration and travel to medical conferences or courses (local or long distance)
  • Printing or reproduction costs for departmental materials
  • Exam fees

We can establish an education account for any interested military medical facility, or any department or specialty therein. Once established, we can accept funding from almost any non-federal source, personal or professional. Some examples are:

  • Publication royalties or honoraria deferred by federal employees (for services provided off-duty, not while functioning in official capacity)
  • Donations from professional organizations
  • Personal donations from patients, patient families or alumnae of your program
  • Donations from pharmaceutical or medical equipment companies, including responses to direct solicitation by HJF

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as all major military medical centers and facilities around the country. These relationships enable us to assist with linking unmet education needs with potential funding sources. Our experience can help not only raise funding, but also to use it wisely and appropriately.

When you partner with the HJF Education Team, you are working with professionals with an extensive understanding of and respect for federal and industry rules and regulations. We believe that military medical education and training can be funded and executed successfully through diligent preparation and ethical conduct.

If you would like more information, contact our Office of Education and Meetings. We can determine if there is already an education account available or we can help you establish a new education fund.

To get started, complete the HJF Form #313 Request to Establish an Education Fund and submit it to the Office of Education and Meetings via fax at 240-694-3121.

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