Program Management

HJF provides managment experts to help run your military medical research program.

More and more military medical personnel and research sponsors are turning to us for assistance. Our success has established HJF as a reliable source for sound program management and collaborative scientific talent.

We offer solutions to meet the unique needs of military medical research programs efficiently and cost-effectively. HJF has extensive experience in the following areas, and is available to:

  • Facilitate information flow between program members, scientific directors and HJF
  • Provide advice on manpower utilization, workflow and operational procedures to increase efficiency, productivity and make overall improvements for a program
  • Coordinate the decision-making process among all  participants
  • Oversee contract budgets to ensure fiscal compliance
  • Review space utilization within the Program and make recommendations for best utilization of space and staff based on the needs of the program
  • Coordinate and conduct personnel actions and furnish guidance and assistance; from hiring to training to closing of a project
  • Prepare requests for contract actions and proposals
  • Oversee and conduct the processing of purchase orders, supply sources, work orders and maintenance and renovations

The Program Management team serves HJF's mission by offering professional support to the programs with an emphasis on customer satisfaction; training and mentoring program managers at HQ and in the field; documenting and supporting program initiation, execution, and closure processes and procedures; and communicating and supporting operating procedures.

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