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As a military medical researcher, you can count on HJF to provide expert research management services—while you focus on the science.

Whether you need to obtain funding, hire staff, stand up a lab, or manage accounting and compliance for an existing project, we know how to help. Find out what we can do for you.

HJF Employee and Researcher Kara Blacker Featured in NPR

'Dual n-back' training, one of two brain-training methods most scientists use in research, significantly improves memory and attention better than the other method and shows more significant changes in the brain. Led by Kara Blacker, a former postdoctoral fellow in psychology and brain sciences at Johns Hopkins University and current researcher at HJF, the study showed that the kind of brain training people use matters. 

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When you use HJF's recruiting services, your research program begins and continues to grow with the right people. Our HR professionals recruit for top military scientists around the world, and our excellent benefits attract and help retain individuals, thus ensuring your research program's success.

Program Management

Our experienced program managers are on top of the programmatic and administrative details of your day-to-day research endeavor. We keep you within your budget, guide you through the regulations landscape, and find ways to make the most of your resources.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer facilitates collaboration between scientists and private industry on research and development, with the goal of making innovative medical technologies available for clinical use.

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Our partners in the Army, Navy, Air Force, PHS, CDC and a host of others know they can rely on HJF for all their needs.

Whether they need to obtain funding, hire staff, stand up a lab, or manage accounting and compliance for an existing project, HJF has it covered. From combat casualty care and rehabilitation to performance optimization and precision medicine, HJF supports research in any area that benefits military and civilians around the world.

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