Our Mission

HJF partners to advance military medicine for our nation’s warfighters.

Our Vision

HJF advances military medicine for the mutual benefit of military and civilian health.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity: We conduct business irreproachably.

Dignity and Respect: We honor each other’s dignity through mutual respect.

Work-Life Balance: We understand that a positive work-life balance is essential to the well-being of our employees and success of our mission.

Excellence and Accountability: We strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable.

Innovation and Initiative: We embrace individual initiatives that drive successful innovations.

Teamwork: We recognize that the best innovations come from effective teamwork.

Who We Are

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine is a global nonprofit organization created by Congress in 1983 to assist in accelerating the progress of military medicine. Our unmatched experience in military medical research makes us uniquely qualified to assist investigators and clinicians in managing scientific research. By providing exceptional program management services, we relieve the administrative burden associated with medical research, empowering researchers to make the medical discoveries our warfighters need.

Our mission is to advance Military Medicine and our objectives are clear: to carry out medical research and education projects that provide answers and drive change while removing barriers to success; to serve as a trusted and responsive link between the military medical community, its private partners and American service members, veterans and civilians; to encourage engagement of the medical community for the mutual benefit of military and civilians, who benefit from this work.

HJF is committed to supporting Military Medicine serving as the connective tissue between its industry partners and the research environment.

We are driven to solve the biggest puzzles and hardest problems by using the resources necessary to support the mission. We anticipate needs, responding at the pace of change to focus on continually adding value to military medical research.

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