HJF Innovation Ecosystem

From Concept to Commercialization

The HJF Innovation Ecosystem provides enhanced support across the continuum of military medical innovation to accelerate the availability of relevant medical products and services to our nation's warfighters, veterans, and civilians.

The Innovation Ecosystem is a formal partnership framework that connects DoD medical research labs and treatment facilities, biomedical and biotechnology companies, private investment and regional economic development entities, all in support of the advanced development and commercialization of military medical innovations.

Convene, Connect, Collaborate...

This community of stakeholders is actively engaged in a sustainable process that supports the continual innovation of technology to advance military medicine. 

As the integrator, HJF connects the appropriate stakeholders from diverse sectors to move promising innovations to commercialization.

Ecosystem Integrators

Ecosystem Support:

Events & Programming

HJF-hosted events and programming provide opportunities that foster partnerships within the innovation ecosystem and support the education, collaboration and funding of its stakeholders in their effort to commercialize military relevant innovations.

Collaborative Opportunities:

  • Ecosystem Networking and Partnership Events 
  • Working with DoD/Military Medical-focused Programming 
  • Entrepreneurial Education & Training 
  • HJF Innovation Labs Incubator/Accelerator Programs

Innovation Advisory Committee (IAC)

HJF is developing an IAC to include thought leaders and subject matter experts from amongst the stakeholders of the Innovation Ecosystem who possess an interest and expertise in the translation and transition of medical innovations. The Committee will advise HJF on mission-driven commercialization projects and investments.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to participate in the HJF IAC in another way,
please contact the HJF Tech Transfer Team.

HJF Innovation Partners