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HJF's Tech Transfer Team

HJF's award-winning technology transfer team is the trusted and proven partner of choice for licensing new innovative medical technologies. HJF has longstanding relationships with researchers across the DoD and Federal Government. HJF's patents cover a broad range of focus areas from infectious disease to cancer, from vaccines to medical devices. 

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Success Stories

Vet technicians with horses in field

Nipah Virus Vaccine
Baby with oxygen mask

RespiGam and Synagis
Soldier applying pressure to a wound to stop bleeding

laboratory equipment with a blue gloved hand hovering over top

Prostate Cancer Research Study
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Radiation Countermeasure
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Your Go-To for Licensing

HJF is your go-to organization for tech transfer between HJF's research partners and private industry. Our  long-standing relationships with scientists, combined with our outstanding expertise in research and technology, enable us to facilitate all aspects of technology transfer. From introduction, to discovery, collaboration, and licensing, HJF can connect companies to researchers in nearly any area of medicine. 



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