HJF’s research covers a wide spectrum of science, impacting both military and civilians.


Cancer researchers continually seek better diagnostics, improved patient care and new preventative vaccines to reduce the prevalence and impact of cancer. HJF supports numerous national and international collaborations between military and civilian scientists and physicians to facilitate their research and advance cancer treatments.

Chemical, Biological & Radiological Defense

A vital element to national security, chemical, biological and radiological defense focuses on improving early detection, preventing health consequences and protecting the health of our armed forces and civilian population. Findings from this research are transitioned to multiple federal agencies to be integrated into their biodefense capabilities and acquisition strategies for advanced development.

Clinical & Rehabilitative Medicine

Clinical and rehabilitative services play an essential role in healthcare, especially within the military community. From post-trauma rehabilitation to everyday care and preventative medicine, protecting the health of our volunteer forces means ensuring the availability and efficacy of clinical and rehabilitative services. HJF’s scientific, administrative and management services allow Department of Defense clinical and rehabilitative programs to conduct innovative research into rehabilitation, pain management and sensory function.

Combat Casualty Care

The crucible of war yields hard lessons on combat and incredible discoveries in military medicine. Several HJF-supported programs are at the center of such advances. Research areas include studying the complexities of polytrauma, testing and evaluating methods for resuscitation and hemorrhage control, and increasing the understanding of tissue regeneration.

Force Health Protection (FHP) & Disaster Preparedness

The efficacy of our defense forces relies on the good health and proper preparation of our service members. With HJF’s unique capabilities, agility and proven ability to scale, we are poised to advance requirements-driven research and program services in support of federal partner missions in force health protection (FHP) and disaster preparedness. Some of our partners include the Department of Defense, The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Human Performance

Military researchers work diligently to ensure a fit and ready defense force, focusing on all aspects of human performance, including physical fitness, nutrition and other factors that influence service member job performance. HJF works on a number of human performance optimization efforts designed to support and prepare our armed forces.

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Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases remain one of the greatest threats to mission capacity and operational readiness of U.S. military forces. In addition to posing a direct threat to service members, infectious diseases can impact international stability by weakening economies, military and police forces, and government and social institutions. HJF is a key partner driving infectious disease research success by promoting public-private partnerships and providing solutions to help strengthen and diversify DoD’s research portfolio to develop novel countermeasures for infectious diseases.

Precision Medicine

Military precision medicine developed from incredible advances focuses on customizing treatments for every patient. HJF-supported research programs and facilities develop data-driven, decision-making tools for military and civilian surgeons, and identify disease-susceptibility genomic fingerprints through comparative whole genome sequencing.

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TBI, PTSD & Mental Health

U.S. service members face extraordinary health challenges in the areas of traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder and mental well-being. HJF personnel work with military medical researchers on a wide range of programs to address the neurological and psychological wounds afflicting our servicemembers.

The Veterans Metrics Initiative Study

The Veterans Metrics Initiative: Linking Program Components to Post-Military Well-Being Study (TVMI Study) launched in April 2015 to address that gap by examining transition and reintegration experiences and assessing the outcomes of transition assistance programs. The study, now in its final year, is analyzing all survey results to create infographics and program component menus. 

Information Technology Support

Many research programs need to comply with regulations from Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and/or the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Reform Act (FedRAMP). If yours does, HJF can help. We use the Risk Management Framework to help you obtain an Authority to Operate (ATO) your information system.

We guide you through the ATO process, resulting in the authorization package you need to submit to the government authorizing official. Let us help you.


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