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Our dedicated team has extensive experience in the development of research proposals. We help military and federal principal investigators identify and respond to funding opportunities from federal and private research sponsors. Securing funding for military medical research is a challenge. 

HJF has served as the trusted partner of choice for medical investigators for over 40 years and we are constantly looking to improve. This has led to a specialized trio of experts in our proposal writing team, ESP Services. Proposals need to be polished, articulated, and expertly crafted. The "ESP" acronym directly translates to Editing, Statistics and Protocols, but ESP Services are so much more than those three words convey on their own. 

Our team provides expert guidance and assistance with your competitive research proposal. Strategic planning, study design, and regulatory guidance are just a few of the specialties areas that make HJF your ideal partner, from bench to bedside to battlefield.

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HJF can help you develop a winning proposal

Our experts provide comprehensive support, guiding you through each step of the proposal development process. Once your proposal is recommended for funding, we’ll help negotiate the terms of your award. Then, tap into our expertise for a fast, efficient project launch. 

Our entire research administration team can help you apply for regulatory approvals and design a plan to meet your recruitment goals. When you have a novel design or invention, our award winning technology team helps you bring your product to market. 

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