Administering Subawards

Our experts assist researchers every step of the way


Our subaward experts assist with pre-award subrecipient reviews and monitor the programmatic activities of subrecipients throughout the life of each Federal subaward.

In accordance with the requirements contained within 2 CFR 200, the Uniform Guidance, our subaward experts will complete the required risk assessment, develop and negotiate the general administrative terms for subawards, and work with Accounts Payable on invoice payments. They assist in monitoring subaward performance and compliance to the budget and scope of work.

Proper stewardship of Federal funds includes making a subrecipient versus contractor determination. HJF distinguishes a subrecipient from a contractor in that a subrecipient:

  • Performs a substantive portion (specific objectives) of the prime award statement of work

  • Has designated key personnel who work collaboratively with the HJF PI as a co-investigator(s)

  • Has authority to make administrative and programmatic decisions and control of the methods used

  • Is responsible for assisting the Prime in meeting the goals of the project 

  • Is responsible for adhering to applicable Federal compliance requirements 

  • Retains intellectual property and copyright to the work produced by the Subrecipient’s personnel 

  • May co-author an article in a professional research journal. 


Our subaward experts can assist you in clarifying the Statement of Work, budget and deliverables!