HJF Opens International Office in Kenya

United States

In September, HJF Medical Research International, Inc. (HJFMRI) celebrated the official opening of its new office in Kisumu, Kenya. “This office symbolizes our commitment to advancing research that will improve health and save lives in Kenya, in Africa, in the United States, and across the world,” said Dr. Joseph Caravalho, Jr., HJF President and CEO, in his welcoming remarks. “It is indeed a perfect time for friends to get together and to celebrate a happy occasion.”


To mark the occasion, HJFMRI hosted a special luncheon at the newly opened office. Guests included the Honorable Anyang Nyong’o, the Governor of Kisumu County (and father of Oscar award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o), as well as representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Kenya Medical Research Institute, the U.S. Army Medical Research Directorate–Africa, and other local dignitaries.

Situated on the sloping shores of Lake Victoria, Kisumu is the third largest city (after Nairobi and Mombasa) in Kenya. The new office is located in the Milimani section of the city, which is also home to a number of non-governmental organizations based in Kenya. The office will serve as a hub for a wide variety of HJFMRI programs in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, CDC and other non-governmental sponsors. By offering scientific, technical and program support to our partners, HJFMRI provides a wide range of services that facilitate basic research, scientific trials, clinical care, training, capacity-building, facility management and more.

In his remarks, Dr. Caravalho described the new office as “a milestone in HJF’s partnership with the people of Kenya.” This partnership dates back to 2001, when HJFMRI first began supporting medical research in Kenya. HJFMRI and its partners focus on a wide range of infectious disease surveillance and outbreak response to study antimicrobial resistance, malaria drug resistance, influenza, enteric pathogens, acute febrile illness, sexually transmitted infections, Rift Valley fever, vector-borne illnesses, and other infectious diseases. HJFMRI also serves in key management positions at the Kericho Clinical Research Center, which became the first laboratory in Kenya to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists. The lab also receives support from HJF and the U.S. Military HIV Research Program.

“Over the past two decades, HJFMRI has played a key role in the success of hundreds of international medical programs,” said Dr. Caravalho. “In a globalized world where infectious disease outbreaks can cross borders quickly and impart devastating effects, building partnerships is a key component to have a robust and efficient public health system. This partnership is extremely valuable to us for the good work that it is doing, and the meaningful difference it makes in the lives of so many people.”