High Powered Computing and Gene Sequencing: From 12 days to 3, HJF’s IT Supports Increased Productivity and Efficiency

High Performance Computing

Several of HJF’s supported programs use high performance computing (HPC) technology to process vast quantities of data resulting from gene sequencing research. On average, sequencing a single human genome can take 12 days of continuous processing by the HPCs to produce useable data visualization. Creating and maintaining a single HPC system requires extensive capital and ongoing investment.

Multiple federal partners approached HJF’s IT with the idea of leveraging current HPC infrastructure to improve efficiency while limiting additional cost.

Trusted Partners

HJF is a trusted partner with exceptional experience in understanding both the complex nature of high performance computing and the operational requirements. HJF’s IT was able to extend the HJF network to include devices and resources partitioned specifically for additional nodes to support federal users, working on federal research projects. This extension allowed multiple federal partners to utilize the same HPC, reducing time and costs while increasing efficiency.

This allowed the gene sequencing research to move to more powerful, updated systems on HJF-supported infrastructure. This shift reduced the amount of time required to process whole human genomes from 12 days to 3 days, positively impacting the efficiency of the research.

Advancing Medicine

HJF advances military medicine in many ways. From assisting with proposal development to bringing innovative technologies to market, and providing increased computing capacity. The 400% increase in efficiency provides researchers the advancement they need to continue bringing critical solutions to the needs of our nation’s warfighters.