International Program Operations help researchers across the globe

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We advance medicine through partners

From building large consortiums to mentoring small entities, we support a range of in-country programmatic services that facilitate basic research, scientific trials, clinical care, capacity building, training, facility management and more. We partner with the medical community, academia and private industry to make the most out of complex research programs.

We reinvent ourselves to support international medical research.

HJF’s international subsidiary, HJF Medical Research International (HJFMRI), offers international support for programs advancing medical research in countries such as Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Thailand and Uganda. HJFMRI Ltd/Gte. was created to fulfill a similar purpose but specifically for research program in Nigeria.

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Programmatic Assistance

We support international research programs with services such as program management, staffing and human resources management, and regulatory affairs compliance. We provide in-country support with scientific experts, laboratory technicians and management personnel who all work side-by-side with primary investigators.

Our global reach allows programs to recruit and hire locally, establish international bank accounts, handle locally sourced procurement and contract for other local services and personnel. HJF also provides facilities and operational support in a variety of overseas locations.

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