Environmentally Minded While Advancing Military Medicine at HJF

United States

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc. (HJF) accelerates military medicine around the globe through a range of services including research administration, technology transfer, and staffing solutions. This critical work benefits warfighters, veterans, and civilians alike. In addition to the medical advancements borne out of military medical research, HJF prides itself on being conscientious consumers of the resources it uses, especially those notable on Earth Day.

“HJF is proud of the work we do to benefit warfighters and our military partners,” said HJF President and CEO Dr. Joseph Caravalho, Jr. “That work includes efforts to reduce waste and minimize negative environmental impact.”

Part of HJF’s work involves setting up and operating labs around the world. To do this in an efficient manner, HJF has established multiple procedures to be responsible stewards of fiscal and environmental resources. The first is a re-use program. When a research project is nearing a close, HJF catalogs the furniture and equipment and distributes the list to other programs and partners. If there is a good fit, HJF facilitates the transfer of the equipment. The second is a recycling program that helps dispose of IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way. Equipment is collected and stored until a sizeable amount has been obtained. HJF then works with a responsible recycling organization, whose environmental objective is to keep waste out of landfills, to schedule a pick-up of these items. Any products still in working condition are repurposed and reused.

HJF’s home office building is managed by Bridge Property Management, which has implemented a variety of programs that promote environmentally sensitive business practices.

At the HJF home office, refillable water bottle stations on every floor encourage the use of reusable bottles and reduce the demand for single use plastics.

In addition to these resource recycling and reducing activities, the building management company at HJF’s home office implemented urban beekeeping efforts in late 2020. The greenspace shared with the HJF-occupied buildings currently hosts one beehive. By installing this beehive, Bridge Property and HJF can support local flora and fauna – up to 3 miles in every direction as the honeybees work to pollinate the surrounding area.

These initiatives build on the reduce, reuse, and recycle motto to actively improve the immediate environment both in the near term and in the future. HJF and our partners are proud to take these steps towards a more sustainable future. 


About HJF

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