HJF Announces Qi “Soso” Yang as the New Senior Vice President of Research Administration and Innovation Management (RAIM)

United States

After a national search, HJF announced that Qi “Soso” Yang was selected to lead HJF’s Research Administration and Innovation Management (RAIM) unit as the Senior Vice President of RAIM. In her new role, she is responsible for leading HJF’s award management, technology transfer, and industry clinical trial services. 


“For over 20 years HJF has benefitted from Ms. Yang’s leadership and expertise in everything related to research administration,” said Dr. Joseph Caravalho, President and CEO. “As she progressed through the ranks, she has consistently demonstrated an enduring drive for excellence in her field, a commitment to improve those around her, and a dedication to ensure her colleagues, team, and partners receive outstanding service. Now she will extend her influence throughout the organization, as she takes the helm of RAIM.” 

Ms. Yang has a deep knowledge of federal regulations and policies and is a Certified Research Administrator. She has extensive expertise with the terms and conditions of federal and private assistance agreements needed to advance military medicine. Prior to a four-month stint as the Acting SVP for RAIM, she led the research administration of HJF-supported programs as the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs within RAIM.