HJF Begins Study on Wartime Medical Care in Ukraine

United States

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc. (HJF), announced a new study conducted on behalf of the Department of Defense. The study will be done with Aspen Medical USA and will assess the civilian care provided through the Ukraine Ministry of Health to evaluate wartime medical care delivery during the current conflict in Ukraine.   

HJF is working with Aspen Medical USA, a Washington-based organization that is part of the Australian-headquartered Aspen Medical, to develop medical lessons learned that will inform current and future medical operations for the U.S. Military, NATO and Ukraine. 

“This study will provide important military medical instruction and lessons to civilians on the frontlines in Ukraine,” said Joseph Caravalho, Jr., HJF President and CEO. “As part of HJF’s mission to support military medical research and education, we know these lessons will improve care delivery, informing future wartime medical operations and helping those who need it most.” 

Aspen Medical USA Vice President Ethan Bond said, “We are excited to be partnering with HJF on behalf of the Department of Defense on this vital study in Ukraine. This is the first research program of its kind that is providing frontline medical reporting from Ukraine to provide data that will guide the development and delivery of combat casualty care in Ukraine for the remainder of the war and beyond.” 

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