KDF/DEID Task Force Meeting Held on June 15th 2022 in KEMRI Training Centre

United States



The United States Army Medical Research Directorate – Africa (USAMRD-A) has conducted infectious disease surveillance and outbreak response throughout Sub-Saharan Africa with the financial support of the United States DoD Global Emerging Infectious Surveillance and Response System (DoD GEIS) since 1999. Through bioethical collaboration with the KDF and KEMRI in Kenya, the DEID provides timely, relevant actionable and comprehensive health surveillance information to promote, maintain and enhance the health of military and civilian populations.

Infectious disease surveillance activities are led by a combination of US Army and KEMRI Principal Investigators and all activities are conducted under a contract managed by HJF Medical Research International (HJFMRI).

Quarterly KDF – DEID Taskforce meeting

This quarters meeting was held on 15th June 2022 at KEMRI HQ. It was attended by 8 KDF personnel, 4 representatives from the US Army, 6 KEMRI key personnel and 4 HJFMRI staff. The next meeting will be held at the KDF HQ.

The objective of the KDF – DEID Taskforce meetings is to share and discuss the KDF/ USAMRD-A Emerging Infectious Diseases program updates and also to meet with the Director of Medical Services – KDF to discuss activities and accomplishments.

The expected outcomes of the meetings are:

·       Strong MIL-MIL relationship between the KDF and USAMRD-A

·       Routine update to KDF on data generated under approved surveillance protocols to inform force health protection or operational actions.

·       Clear understanding of near and long-term tasks and requests for support (eg. Personnel, travel, supplies etc)

·       Optimization of current collaborative projects

·       Identification of future projects of mutual interest

·       Resolution of challenges/ roadblocks

·       Discussion and/or presentation of administrative and regulatory updates.