Research Areas

HJF supports hundreds of research projects, ranging from small bench-top projects to complex, multi-site programs. The breadth of our scientific and management capabilities is evident from the types of programs we support.


HJF focuses on breast, gynecologic and prostate cancer research to improve outcomes for service members and their families.

Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense

HJF supports chemical, biological and radiological defense research that focuses on improving early detection, preventing health consequences and protecting the health of our service members and civilians.

Clinical/Rehabilitative Research

HJF supports clinical and rehabilitative programs that aim to enhance treatment for service members.

Combat Casualty Care

HJF supports work to advance combat casualty care by increasing the understanding of pain and developing data-driven tools for surgeons.

Infectious Disease

HJF supports infectious disease research for programs that search for vaccines, treatments and prevention of serious diseases around the world.

Human Performance

HJF supports programs that aim to ensure a fit and ready force of soldiers, airmen and Marines through performance optimization research.

Precision Medicine

HJF supports precision medicine and predictive health by developing data-driven decision-making tools for military and civilian surgeons and identifying disease-susceptibility genomic fingerprints.

TBI/PTSD/Mental Health

HJF supports research on a wide range of programs addressing the neurological and psychological wounds of our service members.

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