ESP Services

ESP Services give researchers expert scientific guidance and customized statistical and technical support in the preparation of research grant proposals. 

Contact us at 240-694-4001 or to find out how HJF can help you with your research needs.

Current funding success rates are approximately 18 percent for National Institutes of Health applications and 12 percent for Department of Defense applications. With HJF’s ESP Services team on your side, you will have the experienced technical support you need to submit competitive proposals to fund your research projects. HJF’s ESP Services also provide resources for protocol development to ensure ethical compliance and institutional approval of research proposals.

The ESP Services team includes the capabilities of Senior Technical Editors to provide strategic planning, specific aims evaluation, scientific review and proofreading of research plans; Senior Biostatisticians to assist with study design, data analysis and technical writing of statistical content for proposals and reports; and Protocol Developers to help provide technical, administrative and scientific assistance with the development and preparation of ethically compliant research protocols. 

These powerful services provide:

  • Expert editorial and scientific guidance
  • Dedicated resources focused on your specific research
  • Assurance that your grant application is clear and complete


Our skilled editorial team will fine-tune your research plan and provide recommendations for improving flow, clarity, grammar and overall proposal quality. The editors will:

  • Ensure proposal compliance 
  • Help write and edit scientific reports
  • Enhance proposal comprehension
  • Assist with adding engaging graphics and visuals
  • Make sure your proposal meets best-in-class standards


Our statistical team will provide a full range of project support by helping researchers design experiments, analyze results, and write statistical content of proposals and reports. The biostasticians will:

  • Provide customized bioinformatics and computational support
  • Implement current and emerging bioinformatics algorithms for data analysis
  • Assist in grant applications, manuscript preparation, and development of oral and poster presentations


Our team of protocol developers will help prepare animal and human research studies by providing technical, administrative and scientific support for the development and preparation of ethically compliant research protocols. The developers will also:

  • Serve as a liaison between investigators and other research staff and associates
  • Help write animal or human use proposal sections
  • Provide education and training on protocol development
  • Assist with regulatory compliance and reporting post-award

Learn more about how to use ESP Services.

Contact us at 240-694-4001 or to find out how HJF can help you with your research needs.

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