Technology Transfer

Our Technology Transfer & Commercialization professionals bring novel innovations developed by HJF and USU researchers to the marketplace. 

Our office ensures that the results of research are made available for the benefit of society by providing the following services to transition research from the lab to the public;


  • Evaluate inventions through a disclosure process
  • Develop intellectual property strategies to protect inventions
  • Negotiate and manage confidentiality agreements to protect ideas/inventions
  • Develop and oversee material transfer agreements to obtain or send materials to a third party
  • Negotiate and manage agreements to allow government and non-government entities (such as companies and universities) to collaborate on research and development
  • Customize an educational event for researchers on a wide-range of technology transfer and commercialization topics

For more information about Technology Transfer or to access our standard forms, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 


  • Negotiate and manage agreements for collaborative research
  • Provide information on available technologies for potential partners, including non-confidential summaries 
  • Assist in technology evaluation efforts
  • Develop commercial license agreements that grant licensees the right to use certain intellectual property. 

For more information please call us at 240-694-4028 or send an email to

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