HJF Reshapes Organizational Structure for Improved Customer Engagement

United States

This year, HJF made moves to improve engagement with our partners and offer greater visibility for programs by creating four operational portfolios. HJF separated what has historically been a single large program operations function covering all programs, regardless of sponsor, region, or medical focus, into four operational portfolios.

These portfolios are organized by sponsor categories and region. They include:

USU Operations—giving specific attention to cooperative agreements and grants with our Uniformed Services University partner.

WRAIR-ID—overseeing activities and awards with one of our largest partners, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Infectious Diseases.

Domestic Operations—overseeing all remaining activities and awards HJF supports in the U.S.

Global Operations—overseeing all remaining activities HJF supports at sites outside the U.S., around the world.

Each program is led by a technical lead, who is either an M.D. or Ph.D., working in close collaboration with a business-focused operational lead as their right hand.

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