Technology Transfer


HJF’s Technology Transfer department facilitates the transition of innovations developed by HJF program researchers and USU researchers for the benefit of the warfighter to the general public.

Our staff of professionals assist researchers by:

  • Creating translational research strategies
  • Executing collaboration and licensing agreements to support development and commercialization of innovations
  • Protecting and managing intellectual property
  • Establishing agreements for the exchange of information materials and data across institutions and companies

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Army medic works on simulated patient to perform GSW triage

FASTCLOT® Success Story

HJF’s office of technology transfer helped victims of traumatic injury by transferring an innovative coagulation technology to an industry partner for clinical adoption.

An Outbreak of Nipah Virus

When Kerala State in India began reporting its first-ever cases of Nipah virus in May 2018, they knew the rare, brain-damaging virus that makes its home in fruit bats had struck the country twice before. Ultimately, the virus killed 17 of the 18 people who became infected in that outbreak. HJF's Technology Transfer worked to provide immediate help with a therapeutic. 

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