HJF has more than 200 technologies available for license

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The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc. (HJF) kicked off a technology showcase today. The showcase is highlighting a selection of the more than 230 technologies HJF has available for license. These technologies range from therapeutics and treatments to vaccines and devices. HJF is the trusted partner of choice in technology transfer for innovations generated through HJF’s multiple research partnerships throughout the DoD and Federal Government.

Since HJF’s authorization by Congress in 1983, it has administered millions of dollars in medical research grants, awards, contracts, and cooperative agreements. These research projects have resulted in hundreds of patents, with licensed technologies generating over $1B in product sales. Examples include a Nipah virus vaccine, a preventive measure for respiratory syncytial virus called Respigam®, and a treatment for hemorrhaging called FASTCLOT®. HJF’s Technology Transfer Office has more than two decades of experience with protecting and licensing technologies.

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“As a private nonprofit organization authorized by Congress, HJF is uniquely positioned to serve as the connective tissue between the military and federal medical research community and private industry,” said HJF President and CEO Dr. Joseph Caravalho. “Our research partners trust us with their intellectual property, and, as stewards of these incredible innovations, it is our duty to partner with private industry to bring these technologies to market.”

The HJF technology showcase runs from March 23 to May 1, 2021. View the highlighted technologies, as well as case studies of past licenses, at


About HJF The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc. (HJF) is a global nonprofit that administers more than $500 million in medical research funds annually. For more than 35 years, HJF has partnered with researchers and clinicians to provide bench to bedside to battlefield research support. More than 3,000 HJF teammates ensure HJF is a trusted and responsive partner by providing scientific, administrative and program operations services to researchers in the military, academia, and private industry. For more information, visit